Sunday, June 23, 2013

I listen to music (17/06 - 23/06)

Inspired by a few blogs I've been reading lately, in particular Halibut Threesome, whose format I am ripping off wholesale, I've decided to keep brief notes about the music I've been listening to. Probably just a few sentences per album, at minimum a rating out of five. (There will be no Christgau-esque wingdings.) All ratings are provisional and therefore meaningless.

Yeezus, Kanye West (2013) [3] Edging closer to [4] with every listen, although it does feel vaguely insubstantial. (What wouldn't, following My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?) Sonically abrasive, lyrically it's Kanye at his obnoxious, egotistical, self-parodying best/worst. Amazing that an album this fucking weird is one of the year's biggest. Say what you like, but Kanye isn't just working to a formula.

Bach: The Goldberg Variations, Glenn Gould (1955) [5]

Among the Living, Anthrax (1987) [4] The A-side is a demolition derby.

Mischief & Mayhem, Jenny Scheinman (2012) [4] Favourite Scheinman to date. Great band: Nels Cline, Jim Black, and the awesomely-named bassist Todd Sickafoose.

All the Nation's Airports, Archers of Loaf (1996) [4] Refines the oddball guitar pop of the Archers' earlier albums, adding more diverse instrumentation ("Chumming the Ocean" is probably the most jaw-dropping - and atypical - of Archers tunes) while maintaining the dense guitar interplay.

Settle, Disclosure (2013) [4] Immediately enjoyable. Need to hear it a few more times for it to sink in - it's pretty long - but clearly a winner.

Equilibrium, Matthew Shipp (2003) [4]

Nu Bop, Matthew Shipp (2002) [3]

New Orbit, Matthew Shipp (2001) [4] First Shipp album I owned. Remains a marvellous mix of lyrical and abstract themes.

Psychic Hearts, Thurston Moore (1995) [2]  I really loved this back then, but it sounds fairly average now.

DE9: Transitions, Richie Hawtin (2005) [5] A minutely detailed epic journey of an album, appropriately titled given the smoothness with which the often very different sounding tracks glide into one another. I love putting this on when I'm PTing around town.

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